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Kala Dimitrova

October 6, 2015

We will make you a favor - 42.6965, 23.3260. Here you go - the GPS coordinates of Sofia, Bulgaria, the place where Kala resides.

Mihaela Aleksandrova

February 21, 2015

Classiness is obviously a thing in Bulgaria and Mihaela is the living proof. We are pretty sure one of her photos is just next to the word "class" in Bulgarian dictionary.

Aneliya Nickolova

January 9, 2014

Bulgaria has one of the biggest negative population growths in the World and we possibly can't figure out why since they have women like Aneliya.

Silvia Dimitrova

September 25, 2013

Bulgarian beauty at its finest. Silvia Dimitrova is a woman that we can just watch for hours. Don't you think?